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My life without you

(Words and music: Diane de Mesa/Arrangement: Gabor Szijarto)


It's 6 o'clock in the morning
I haven't slept
Just thinking about us, thinking about you

What happened?



We were so good together
Thought you were my missing piece

You were my soulmate, my angel...

You completed me
You were the music to my melody



Then we fell apart
And just like any other relationships

We fell apart... sadly
We never happened
You never existed
And somehow I will move on
Start from scratch
My life without you


Remove everything
That'll remind me of you

Another breakups done

We're two strangers again

What happened?

(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus) 



God give me the strength to get through this

If it's not meant to be, then it will never last

I've got to be strong, I've got to fight
I still have my life without you

(Repeat Chorus)


Start from scratch

My life without you, hmm... 


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