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Diane de Mesa is a singer/songwriter, independent music artist and lead vocalist from Northern California Bay Area. Born in the Philippines, she migrated to the United States with her family in her teenage years. Diane discovered her talent for writing songs at the age of 7. She can easily create melodies in her head and using the voice memo app in her phone to remember acapella tunes, she has written over 300 songs as well as poems. Diane has performed in choir concerts, local Filipino concerts, open mics, talent showcases, and live bands. By profession, Diane is a Registered Nurse (RN) but continues to pursue her passion and love for music.

 Tagged as the "Princess of love songs" in the Philippines by the renowned broadcaster, Andy Verde, Diane has a Youtube channel where she uploads her covers and original songs in YouTube, (http://www.youtube.com/msdianeg) and gained followers from all over the world. It also showcased her collaborations with various musicians from across the globe. Diane also mixes and edits her own audio recordings and videos and truly is hands-on in her music.

Diane has released her original albums "Fly Away" (2011), acoustic covers album “Heartstrings” (2013), "Only for you" (2016), and "With love" (2019).
In 2014, Diane became the lead vocalist for the acoustic band, "Diane de Mesa and the LSS Sessionists" together with her bandmates, Greg Felix & Audy Felix. The band regularly performs in the California Bay Area live music scene.



Diane de Mesa & the LSS Sessionists 

Diane de Mesa & the LSS Sessionists is a live band group in the Bay Area music scene. The vocalist is independent artist singer-songwriter Diane de Mesa. She has released 4 albums (Fly Away, Heartstrings, Only for you, and With love). Diane also produces and records as a solo act, releasing videos on Youtube for some cover songs, original music videos and vlogs. 
The LSS Sessionists is composed of the musician brothers and seasoned veterans in the live music scene, Greg Felix on guitar and Audy Felix on drums. They also collaborate with other musicians on some gigs and music projects. 


Greg started playing the ukelele at 7 years of age, then learned how to play the acoustic guitar then electric. Originally, he wanted to play drums but learned how to specialize in guitar, although he can play the other instruments as well as keyboard. Greg is a musical arranger and seasoned guitar player in the Bay Area, CA.

Started in the early 1980's, Greg toured in Alaska with his brother Audy with their band. Around the early 80's, Greg and Audy found jobs in Santa Maria, CA then later on moved to the Bay Area where they stayed for good since 1984. Since then, they have been playing in the Bay Area for the past 30 years as part of bands and rhythm sections for local artists.

In 2002, the home to the local Bay Area artists and musicians for their recording demos and mixes, "Liberty Sound Studio" was built. Greg arranges music to various local artists, such as Diane de Mesa, Ash Khajvandi, Pam Serrano, etc. Greg and Audy became the "LSS Sessionists" to back up all the other musicians, cover and original artists.

Musical influences: Beatles, Eagles, Santana, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton


Audy, younger brother of Greg, started music late when he was 21-22 years of age. He plays drums, although he can also play a little bit of bass and guitar.

Born from family of musicians, Audy and Greg's grandparents and aunties were also acoustic guitar players and singers.

Musical influences: Average White Band, Omar Hakim

Diane and LSS Sessionists sings and plays from the heart from a variety of genres from ballads, pop, acoustic, r&b, rock, and opm music. Make sure to catch them in one of their events and feel the good vibe of original music and their renditions of familiar love song favorites.


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