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Fly away 

(Words and music: Diane de Mesa/Arrangement: Trystan Matthews, DMS)


I wanna pour the water down the drain

Like I put away the hurt and pain

I wanna see how you fade away

Like a pencil I wanna erase you

I wanna remove all the memories of you

I wanna see how you'll fade away



Fly away into the sky

Go love all your heart

I know it's not mine

Walk away

Tearin' me apart

Only illusion

I can hold you tight



Like a shadow you're always by my side 

But I, I can't seem to let go of you

I just don't know why it won't go away

In the corner of my mind you're there

Reminding all the moments that we shared

I just don't know how to throw away

(Repeat Chorus)



Like in heaven I can dream of you

Tell me how much you, you miss me too

I'm falling, I'm falling for you

But you never ever see...


(Repeat Chorus) 

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