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By my side 

(Words and music: Diane de Mesa/Arrangement: Trystan Matthews, DMS)



Staring at the ceiling

Dreaming about you

Wondering how you've been

What are you doing

I wanna hold you tight

I wanna kiss you goodnight

Thinking what might have been

If you were by my side



Do you know how much I miss you so? 

And it feels like I can't take it anymore

Is this some kind of sacrifice? 

Do I deserve to say this lie?

Lie that I can live without you by my side


I've been lonely here without you

I've been calling out your name

Do I cross your mind?

Do you feel the same?

I wanna come back home

To tell you i love you so (I love you so)

Counting the days till i see you

And you're back in my arms again


Chorus 2:

Do you know how much i love you so?

And it feels like i can't help it anymore

Live another day without your smile

Hard but been trying to survive

Keep holding on and never letting go

(Repeat Chorus 1)



My babe, I'm missing you...I'm missing you...

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