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Thank you MANILA!

Time flies and now my Manila music journey has come to an end! It has been an amazing experience. In just within 2 weeks, I have accomplished a lot of wonderful memories some I can only dream of happening! Thank you to the wonderful people, press, media, and artists, that I have met. It is an unbelievable journey and truly priceless! Thank you Kuya Alex Datu for my EuroTV guesting and all your help. Harley Anderson Buenavista for following my guestings and documenting with your detailed videos and photos. Ate Loricar for the all-around support in all the duration of my guestings. Ate Annabel, Ate Jona Sa Ku Ra, Alexis for accompanying me to my EuroTV guesting. Thank you to all the media and press who came to my “Meet & Greet” and all the wonderful articles and features about me. Thank you Kuya Nonie and co for my “Abante Tonite” guesting. Kuya Alejandro, Ate Dolo, Ate Imee and all of my family in Olongapo. Thank you DJ Xian of Subic E-radio. Thank you to Mommy Madam Venus for featuring me in your program. Thank you for your support Sir Andy of DZRH, and for giving me 2 special guestings in your show. Ms. F Fernan and co. for guesting me at “Wow it’s Showbiz” and inviting me to perform at the Star Awards for Music. Thank you also to Kuya Miko for following up. Thank you to Wish 107.5 guesting and Net 25 “Letters & Music” for my guestings. Thank you to Cora Zon (BYS), Merlita (Net25), and Marites (Star Awards), for making me pretty with my hair & makeup! Kuya Rafael Centenera, thank you for guesting me in RJ Bistro and “Sama-sama”, and also to Miss Tessie Lagman-Balboa for welcoming us to your home. Thank you to Mom & Pop for your support during my stay in Manila. Thank you to Kuya Ronnie and Kuya Jayboy for taking us to our destinations safely. To my husband Mike, thank you for the unconditional love and support that made this trip happen. I will truly treasure this experience and my gratitude is overflowing. Until we all meet again... hopefully soon!!! ❤️❤️❤️🎶☺️

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