• dianedemesa

NBC Bay Area guesting for “Asian Pacific America” with Robert Handa

Taping tonight (2/25/20) for my NBC Bay Area guesting for Asian Pacific America with Mr. Robert Handa! Thank you to my band, the LSS Sessionists for accompanying me! Greg G. Felix Audy G. Felix Thank you to my fabulous glam team Bea Arogancia Lefrere for my makeup and Amelia Funakoshi for my hair! And thank you so much to Mary Guzman, Wynnstar Talent Agency, NBC Bay Area for this wonderful opportunity! Please don’t forget to set your DVRs! 3/1/20 at 5:30 am CH 11 NBC or Cable Channel 3 and at 6:00 PM on COZI TV, Comcast Channel 186. @ NBC Bay Area

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