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Amazing Skin Wellness JINGLE by Diane de Mesa

Amazing Skin Wellness jingle

Diane de Mesa sings the jingle for Amazing Skin Wellness! Words and music: Diane de Mesa Arranged by: Greg Felix and Jayson Altuna  Thank you "Amazing Skin Wellness" @amazingskinwellness for taking care of my skin and health, making sure I'm healthy despite this busy schedule. Thank you Miss Anabelle Lobenaria Sia, Ahbie Abrenica and staff! Please check out their med spa clinic in Union City! Get amazing glow at Amazing Skin & Wellness Centre! Visit: http://amazingskinwellness.com or call (510) 429-4778 ☺️🌷 Please mention my name when you book your appointment to avail 10% off for your initial treatment. For me and Princess Ryan's end shot: Videography: Marlon Atienza Makeup: Bea Lefrere  Hair: Amerlia Funakoshi #wellness#amazingskinwellness #skincare #medspa #dianedemesa #amazingskinwellness

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