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Always have the moon - (Original) collaboration with Ryan Sheeler

Hi guys! Here’s an original collaboration with Ryan Sheeler. I have the pleasure to interpret his original song composition titled “Always have the moon”. It's such a beautiful song… Please support his other tracks and download them at http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/RyanSheeler and check out his links: www.reverbnation.com/ryansheeler www.youtube.com/ryansheelermusic https://soundcloud.com/ryansheeler

Always Have The Moon – Ryan Sheeler

VERSE 1 Only one hour, one phone call away who knew we would collide on that lonely day Two years on and off, friends who couldn't say Has it really been that long since we walked away?

CHORUS It always seems to shine the brightest, when we can't see Light and circles flow around this tear-stained picture of me and you, us and them…Did it end too soon? If we're meant to walk apart we'll always have the moon

VERSE 2 When eyes met only once is forever too far ahead Look when now seems so right and words remain unsaid Seeing (in the) distance... close to the edge Praying for the wisdom and scared to ask for love

BRIDGE: Too caught up in the moment to ask the question why? If love can hide the truth were we living a lie?

VERSE 3 Three years over now I wonder where the time goes Still the moon shines on more than just the two of us. Sing a song of longing both to stay and leave Can I marvel in the wonder of wanting to believe?


c.2008 Ryan Sheeler

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