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Miguel Rodriguez of mistartv reviews my album!

"My Testimonial"

Great review of a great album! The lyrics are well-written, the vocals are great, the music sounds awesome, and the themes are very relatable - all of the elements that prove that Diane's very talented and that her music is, and always will be, incredible. She's not some bland pop singer who relies on auto-tune and sleazy outfits - she's honest, sincere, down-to-earth, and she writes her own songs and she's really good at it. Unlike popular artists (I consider Diane to be a star, although others may disagree with me), Diane's music is memorable and relatable. People will be listening to her music and loving it far into the future. Way to go Miss Diane! Keep up the amazing work! -MiguelRodriguez



Thank you so much Miguel Rodriguez for the great blog entry and for your album review! I'm so glad and it feels great that you enjoyed the tracks. Thank you and I'm so humbled and honored! :)

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