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Artist Spotlight feature on Limelight!

My song cover story of "I wouldn't be here if I didn't love you" (originally sung by Belinda Carlisle) is being featured on the Limelight website: Artist Spotlight. This song's included in my album "Fly Away". Check it out! :) http://www.songclearance.com/blog/artist-spotlight-bill-evans-diane-de-mesa-joe-bear-stephane-medioni

"Cover Song: I Wouldn't Be Here if I Didn't Love You (Belinda Carlisle)

Story Behind The Cover: It was first uploaded on YouTube on my channel (youtube.com/msdianeg) as a request from one of my fans. It was recorded in my mini home-recording studio and also mixed by me! It's great to hear comments and opinions from listeners that the song suits my voice a lot. And now, it's just nice to include the studio and more improved version of this track in my album."

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