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Diane de Mesa's "Fly Away" Album soon to be sent out for mastering!

So it's coming to the stage that I'm feeling that my CD is ready to come out! Just minor little changes and then I'm off to send my album to mastering/post-production. The layout and graphics also still need to be done but that shouldn't take so much time...

It's been my dream to have an album/CD of my original songs. This reflects my absolute passion in songwriting, singing and my lifelong dream! Started to work on this CD in September of 2009. Since then, lots of hardwork, blood, sweat and tears were made...Seems like it's taking forever but it's all worth it! It even had more meaning to me since I only work on this CD on the side..probably I could have finished it faster if I was doing it full time!

Of course I'd like to give special thank you to the wonderful musicians I collaborated with in this album. One is Andy Chesterton, my youtube music partner! Few tracks in this album were our original song collaborations (Already loving you, Broken, Set you free, and One last time) in youtube. Next special mention is Jason Welkflingers for "Close to perfect" track. My favorite guitarist on iTunes, Kris Farrow, also contributed his amazing guitar skills in this album (I didn't cry, Photoalbum). Kris Farrow plays the acoustic karaoke tracks I use and get off iTunes for my cover songs. I'm so thrilled to have collaborated with him in my own album! And to the songwriting and studio music production demomysong, http://demomysong.com/ and to their wonderful musicians staff who worked on the other tracks in my album. Finding their website is absolutely a blessing! And of course, big thank you goes to Randall Sena (of Certain Sparks Recording Studio) my recording/mixing engineer for his ears and amazing skills to make this album worth the wait!

Also need to thank my sister Carissa de Mesa for the original guitar tune of the track "Falling in love"that I later laid out the lyrics and melody.

So far here are the tentative order of the tracks for the album:

  1. Breathe (Diane de Mesa)

  2. Falling in love (Diane de Mesa, Carissa de Mesa)

  3. By my side (Diane de Mesa)

  4. Fly away (Diane de Mesa)

  5. I didn't cry (Diane de Mesa, Kris Farrow)

  6. I could fall (Diane de Mesa)

  7. Close to perfect (Diane de Mesa, Jason Welkflingers)

  8. Broken (Diane de Mesa, Andrew Penketh)

  9. One last time (Diane de Mesa)

  10. Set you free (Diane de Mesa)

  11. Already loving you (Diane de Mesa, Andrew Penketh)

  12. Photoalbum (Diane de Mesa, Kris Farrow)


13. Is there something (Studio Version)

14. I wouldn't be here if I didn't love you (Studio Version)

Stay tuned!! :-)

THANK YOU for all of your continued support! And hope you could get your copy when it's out! :) ♥

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