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(Words and music: Diane de Mesa/Arrangement: Gabor Szijarto)


They say there's magic

When you meet that someone

Sparks scatter all over

Everything stops in front of you


There is magic

When you meet that someone

Who will knock you off your feet

And makes everything complete



I thought i felt that magic

As we dance along in the midnight

When our eyes locked in silence

And our cheeks touch each other

There was magic I felt the moment I held you

That moment I knew

I'm you


My heart felt open and giving

Hoping for something true

I'm waiting for something

Waiting for a sign from you


It feels like magic

When you meet that someone

The feeling of gravity

That pulls me close to you

(Repeat Chorus)



Wishing you felt that magic

That same magic that captured my heart

Anytime I'd hear your voice and you'd be here

If only magic is real.

(Repeat Chorus) you. 


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