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Close to perfect

(Words and music: Diane de Mesa/Arrangement: Jason Welkflingers)


Ooohh Oohh...

I'm looking at your face

You didn't know that, something tells my heart

Hope it doesn't show, I'm hiding a special kind of glow

It's been here ever since I can remember

The feeling I hide

When will you ever know, will I ever show?



Why can't you see

Forever in me

Why can't you help me figure out this magic

How can't you fall

Is there something more

You're looking elsewhere, but i can make it close to perfect

I'm waiting..... Oohh oohh....


You've been a very good friend

Good friend to me

You're so close

The only thing that's missing is you and me

Officially Ohhh....


We've been together ever since i can remember

But as a friend i'll always be, will you will you ever know?

(Repeat chorus)



Ohh im scared to lose you

But if i don't tell you, it could be the biggest mistake I'd do

The "what might have beens" or "what could have beens"

If I didn't let you know

I'll just let the, let the feelings show

(Repeat Chorus)


Oohhh... Reflections of you and me

So perfectly Oohhh ohhh 


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