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Already loving you

(Words and music: Diane de Mesa/Arrangement: Andrew Chesterton)


You probably looked into my eyes

But didn't see the girl deep inside

You pass me by

But couldn't see, I'm not even here

You don't know me


I've been through all this way before

Been falling in and out love and more

But what can I say

Here I go again

But to someone I can't be with



Everyday I fight this feeling 

I fell from the day that I first saw you

It's so hard to hide and how can I

When I know that you have someone to hold on to

Why do I feel this way?

I wish I can say

But someone is already loving you


Wish I can turn off all these memories of you

But you keep appearing in my mind

Though everyday, you're with someone else

And I can't fall in love with you

(Repeat Chorus)


Someone is already loving you... .

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