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After all this time (feat. Sushi)

(Words and music: Diane de Mesa/Arrangement: Sushi)


M: Out of the blue

I saw you yesterday

With that same old sweet smile

Your eyes looking at me


F: How long has it been?

You got yours and I got mine

But when i saw you, now i know

For sure, things have never changed



After all this time (after all this time) 

I still have you in my heart

After all this time (after all this time)

It's still you, even if we're apart

After all this time, (after all this time)

All the feelings are coming back

Baby after all this time

I’m still in love with you


M: Sparks fly, blood rushes through

Just feels like yesterday

When I fell in love with you

Over and over again


F: My love was always here

Really never went away

I thought it's gone, but i was wrong

Wish I can tell you, but I can’t

(Repeat Chorus)



What happened to us?

I wasn’t the one who said goodbye

I thought our love will stay forever 

Maybe one day we'll find the answers

(Repeat Chorus) 

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